General Introduction

Introduction to St.Francis College

Founded in 1884 by the Capuchin Franciscans, Rochestown College is dedicated to fostering the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi- his commitment to hard work, his kindness and his strong sense of community. The college provides an environment in which your son can grow academically, spiritually, socially and morally.   The College is committed to:

  • High academic standards; this is reflected in the high percentage of our pupils entering universities and other third-level institutions each year.
  • Respecting the dignity of the pupil and his background, traditions and beliefs.
  • Enabling the pupil to develop a healthy self-image.
  • Providing a well-disciplined atmosphere in which the pupil is encouraged to grow in personal responsibility.
  • Providing opportunities for the pupil to experience God in creation, in worship and in service to others.



We are located three miles from Douglas Village. During the school-day the pupils are in the care of the College, away from urban distractions. From their arrival at the school in the morning until classes finish, pupils are within the school grounds and are safe from outside disturbance. The school is well served by public and private transport. There is a regular public bus service from the city, while the Ringaskiddy, Carrigaline and Blackrock/Ballinlough districts are catered for by our own privately organised bus service.


The College has a highly-qualified and dedicated staff whose main concern is the academic and general welfare of the pupils and who assist them to reach their maximum potential. The College is under the trusteeship of the Capuchin Franciscan Order. Our College Chaplain is an important member of this team and is available to ensure that the transition from Primary to Secondary school is as smooth as possible.


Throughout the College, modern teaching aids are used extensively to help ensure that our pupils get the maximum benefit from their classroom time. On three afternoons a week, the pupils have the option of participating in supervised study from 4 to 6pm. This additional facility helps the pupil to establish good, regular study habits.


Education is a team effort, and parents are an integral part of that team. Your interest and involvement in the education of your son is welcomed at Rochestown College. This involvement can take a number of forms. Each year there is a parent teacher meeting at which you will have an opportunity to meet your son’s teachers. In addition, each class is in the care of a ‘class teacher’ who acts as a link between the pupils’ school life and their homes. All of your son’s teachers are available, by appointment, to meet with you to discuss your son’s overall progress. The College Principal is, of course, available to meet with parents to discuss matters concerning their son. Parents’ interests in the affairs of the College are also catered for by a very active Parents’ Association.


Our aim is to create a calm, orderly atmosphere in which the work of the College can be effectively achieved. We have a firm, but fair, system of discipline which is administered by ‘class teachers’, each of whom is responsible for a particular class, and by the Deputy Principal.


Sport and physical education are an important part of the curriculum right through to the Leaving Certificate. The College has its own playing pitches as well as a large, modern, well-equipped sports hall suitable for a variety of indoor sports.

Extra Curricular

The College offers a huge range of extra-curricular activities organised by members our dedicated staff after school hours. See the links on the main menu for more information on these activities.