Whole School Policy on Homework

This policy is rooted in the school’s fundamental aim to foster in pupils a spirit of self-reliance, independence, co-operation and responsibility and to provide them with skills for life-long learning. Advice regarding homework and study skills is to be found in the school journal.


Regular homework is a valuable aspect of the learning process and contributes to the development of sound study skills. It consolidates and supplements the work done in class and promotes independent learning and creativity. It is only in doing things for themselves through homework that pupils can properly acquire knowledge and appreciation of their subject and then go on to master them. Unless pupils give time and effort to homework, it is unlikely that they will enjoy learning and schoolwork.


  • To ensure consistent approaches to the setting and reviewing of homework across the school.
  • To ensure an equitable distribution of study-time for each subject.
  • To reduce pressure on pupils from homework overload.
  • To promote the development by pupils of good study habits and effective study skills and to develop their capacity to organise their work.
  • To enhance the academic achievements of students.
  • To encourage parents to take an interest in and to share responsibility for their children’s work and progress.

Policy Content

  • Each pupil can be assigned homework in each subject area each night.
  • The amount of homework given in each subject area will be specified by the individual teacher but the cumulative amount will be monitored to ensure that pupils are not overloaded. The class prefect may liase with the teachers on this point.
  • A balance will be maintained between written/practical work and oral/learning work.
  • Teachers will ensure that homework is done and give feedback to pupils as quickly as possible.
  • Special consideration will be given to pupils with special educational needs.
  • Homework set will be purposeful and meaningful to the work of the class or to some future work.
  • Class teachers will ensure that pupils are familiar with the“ How to Study Smarter” section of the School Journal.
  • Parents will be informed when pupils do not carry out set homework tasks and detention may be arranged to enable the pupils to complete the work.