Work For Students


Here is where you can find links to work from your teachers for their classes during the current School Closure.  

Click on your teacher from the list below for further instructions. 

Please check the link regularly as teachers will continue to update their notices and more teachers names may be added. Don’t forget to reload your browser to update the link. 

Some teachers have spoken to students in class and will contact them directly through their official School Office 365 email. Please check your email regularly if your teacher is not on the list below.


Mr Barrett

Mr Barry

Mr Bermingham

Mr Buckley (Maths)

Mr Buckley (Irish)

Mr Cadogan

Mr Canty

Mr Cassidy

Mr Connick

Mr Connolly

Ms Cotter

Mr Cullen

Mr Dillion

Mr Dolan

Ms Dragan

Mr Donovan

Ms Farrelly

Ms  Foley

Ms  Griffin

Mr Hennessy

Ms Keating

Ms  Kelleher

Mr Kelly

Ms Lavelle

Ms Leen

Mr. Lordan

Mr Lucey

Ms  Mc Carthy

Ms  Mc Cormack

Mr Mc Donnell

Ms Mbowoua

Ms  Minihane

Ms  Mulvey

Mr Murray

Ms. O Callaghan

Ms  O Connor

Mr O Connor

Mr O Donovan

Mr O Flaherty

Ms  O Keefe

Ms O Gorman

Ms O Regan

Ms O Shea

Ms Rose

Ms  Sexton

Mr Sheehan

Ms  Walsh

Mr Weldon