Welcome to the website for St. Francis College

Here you will find loads of information on our curriculum, calendar dates, extra curricular activities, recent events and useful links.

Our ‘Recent Events’ section has reports and photos on various activities that take place as part of school life throughout the year and our Twitter & Facebook feeds are on the right hand side of the page.

The Curriculum section contains information on our subject availability,Booklists, code of behaviour, homework policy and so on.

Copies of our biannual School Magazine can be found in the ‘About Us’ section along with a brief history of the College.

The ‘Extra Curricular’ section provides a list of the main activities that students get involved in outside of class times. There is also a link to all the Fixtures, Results and reports to keep you up to date.

We have also included a ‘Useful Links’ page which contains links to many educational sites such as the Second level Support Service, the C.A.O., Careers Sites, State exams commission and so on. It also has links to the various sporting organisations that the school is involved with.

Our Calendar page provides the dates & times for all our Parent-Teacher meetings, school closures and holiday times.